Generation of Change: A Youth Pledge for Nuclear Abolition | 変革の世代 核兵器廃絶のための青年の誓い

This pledge was introduced on August 30, 2015, at the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition in Hiroshima, Japan. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to add your signature to the pledge.

The text of the pledge is also available in Spanish, FrenchChinese and Russian.

If you would like to collect signatures in classroom or other group settings, please use this pledge form and email it back to

Nuclear weapons are a symbol of a bygone age; a symbol that poses eminent threat to our present reality and has no place in the future we are creating.

Seventy years have passed since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and yet the existence of nuclear weapons continues to threaten every single person with the prospect of a cruel and inhumane death. For 70 years speeches have been made, statements issued and endorsed saying “never again,” and yet we are still held hostage by nuclear weapons. We, youth around the world, are mustering the courage to stand up and fulfill these decades-old promises of abolition. We need to eliminate this threat to our shared future and we urge you to join us, the Generation of Change.

It is time to take action.

We, youth seek human security and sustainability, which are impossible to achieve fully in the presence of nuclear weapons. Youth see the potential for a world without nuclear weapons – we see the potential for security not to be based on fear and more militarism, but on diplomacy, cooperation and trust. Abolishing nuclear weapons is our responsibility; it is our right and we will no longer sit by while the opportunity of nuclear abolition is squandered. We, youth in all our diversity and in deep solidarity pledge to realize this goal. We are the Generation of Change.

The continued existence of nuclear weapons is unacceptable and action must be taken to protect our shared future. Therefore, as the Generation of Change, we pledge to:

  1. Continue to educate and empower ourselves in order to better spread this awareness amongst our peers;
  2. Recognize that diversity in this work is important and work to educate ourselves on how gender impacts disarmament
  3. Take action, raise our voices and pursue nuclear abolition in our communities and our countries;
  4. Share our knowledge about the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and the experiences of hibakushas and survivors of nuclear weapons tests;
  5. Encourage others to join the nuclear abolition movement and establish a strong unity among all nuclear abolition campaigners;
  6. Call upon every State to start negotiations on an international treaty for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons;
  7. Call on our elected representatives to adopt national legislation prohibiting and criminalizing the manufacture, investment in, testing, deployment, threat or use of nuclear weapons.

We, the Generation of Change, invite you to join us as we raise our collective voice to call for action; we refuse to stand by while nuclear weapons continue to threaten our lives and future generations. Join us, take action and create change!






  • 仲間の意識を広く啓発するために、自らが知識を学び、自信をつける。
  • 活動する上で多様性が重要であることを自覚し、ジェンダーの視点が軍縮に影響を与えることを自ら学んでゆく。
  • 各自の地域社会や国で行動を起こし、声をあげ、核廃絶を求める。
  • 核兵器の非人道性や、被爆者・核実験被害者の体験を周囲と共有する。
  • 核廃絶運動への参加を周囲に促し、活動する全員の一致団結を築く。
  • すべての国家に、核兵器を禁止・廃絶する国際条約の交渉開始を呼びかける。
  • 各自の国の議会に、核兵器の製造・投資・実験・配備・威嚇・使用を禁止および違法化する国内法制の整備を呼びかける。