Sept 26 is Nuclear Abolition Day | 9月26日は「核兵器廃絶国際デー」

Thank you for attending the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition on August 30th! Your presence and participation surely contributed to the success of the event. The recordings of the summit is available on our website at:

As we are celebrating the International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (aka Nuclear Abolition Day) on September 26, we wanted to share a few ideas of actions you can take:

  1. Sign and share the Youth Pledge: To date, over 500 people around the world have signed on to the Generation of Change: A Youth Pledge for Nuclear Abolition. But we can do much more! Sign the pledge if you haven’t done it yet, and also share with your families and friends. Better yet, share your own personal pledge like this example, with a link to the Youth Pledge and hashtag #HiroshimaYouthPledge.
  2. Follow up on your action: One of the discussion questions during the summit was “What can you do in your own capacity? What is the first step you can take after you leave this summit?”  So our question to you now is… have you been able to follow through with it? Keep us posted with your progress by emailing us at Share your actions on social media with hashtag #HiroshimaYS2015. We will feature some of your actions in the future!
  3. Continue educating yourself: We created a page on our website with resources you can use to educate yourself and people around you. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us.


International Youth Summit Secretariat Team





サミットのグループ・ディスカッションでの質問の1つは、「自分として何ができるか? サミットの後、最初にできることは何か?」でした。今、皆さんへの質問は、「それができましたか?」ということです。もし進展があれば、hiroshimayouthsummit@gmail.comにメールを送っていただければと思います。サミットのハッシュタグ「#HiroshimaYS2015」を使ってSNSで発信されても結構です。後に、一部を紹介できればとも思っております。