Coming Soon: Amplify – Generation of Change

Amplify logoBased on the successful completion of the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition and seeing the needs and desire from the participants to continue working together for our shared goal of nuclear abolition, “Amplify”, an international network of youth dedicated to nuclear abolition, has been created.

The official launch of the new network will take place in May 2016.  Check back later for more updates.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign our Youth Pledge for Nuclear Abolition if you have not done so!

Breaking News!


International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition and its Youth Pledge have been nominated for the One Billion Acts of Peace 2016 Hero Award in the Up and Coming Peacemaker category!

One Billion Acts of Peace is a UN supported Peace Initiative with the goal of creating ONE BILLION acts of Peace worldwide by 2019. The campaign is lead by 13 Nobel Prize Laureates, including The Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who actively inspire peace and change makers to address important issues, and create Acts of Peace and community building in every corner of the world.

You can support the nomination by voting EVERYDAY until May 12. Please spread the word!